Sunday, March 12, 2006

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CardSystems Solutions Settles with FTC
M&A's - Landmark Year in Payments Industry
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PBT Online at eTail 2006 and NACHA
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Health Care Firm to Sign with PBT
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PBT Expands into Financial Services
Pay by Touch Wins 3rd Award in 30 days
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Aite Group Report on Biometrics
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60 Days of Breathless Activity
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No One Knows How You Are Paying
On the Ball
Potential Future of Online Purchases
PBT Health Care Solutions Open for Biz
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Big Year Ahead for Pay by Touch
An EFT Network First...Biometric PIN Debit
Pay by Touch to Test PIN Debit on Web
Pay by Touch Brings Biometrics Home
Pay by Touch Wins INNY at DEMO 2006
Overcoming the Barrier to Adoption
Tech TV: Close Up with Pay by Touch
Pay by Touch Online
Pharming without Harming
Porter Novelli brings PBT to DEMO 2006
Quizno's Testing PBT
Star is Born
Jewel Osco implementing PBT
Cash Wise now "Biometrics" Wise
Capturing Resources
Pay by Touch Raises $190 million in three months
Customers Can't Wait to Sign Up
Report: Walmart, Costco looking at Pay by Touch
Motley Fool Names PBT Budding Rule Breaker
31 Patents with 70 Pending
Pay by Touch Wins Prestigious IBM Beacon Award
Contactless and Clueless
Biometric Payments Safest by Far
Don't Pay by Check...Pay by Touch!
Who's "Moe" Paranoid Now?

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