Monday, February 20, 2006

Pay by Touch and BioPay FAQ

Pay by Touch recently completed the acquistion of BioPay so what happens to the BioPay customers?

Here's the FAQ from BioPays website

BioPay, LLC was acquired by
Pay By Touch in January of 2006. Following is a set of frequently asked questions we have received from customers and prospects about BioPay and Pay By Touch

What is changing at BioPay?

In January 2006, BioPay LLC was officially acquired by Pay By Touch, a San Francisco-based company that also offers biometric payments solutions to retailers across the country as well as personalized marketing and payment processing solutions.

The combined solutions of both companies serve over 144,000 retail clients:

We have biometric products and services for 994 retail clients in over 2,000 locations;
Personalized marketing opt-in products and services to 12,000 retail client locations;
Payment processing for 131,000 merchants in both brick-and-mortar and Internet;
We now have more than 2.3 million customers enrolled in biometric products and services,
We manage opt-in personalized marketing programs for more than 130 million consumer profiles.

Will there be any changes to BioPay's biometric services?

No. You should continue to expect the same great convenience, speed and security from BioPay's biometric payments as you have received in the past. In the future, Pay By Touch will integrate the two existing networks (BioPay and Pay By Touch) into one seamless biometric payment network. Pay By Touch also provides opt-in personalized marketing solutions and payment processing solutions, so expect more products and services to be available from one single source provider. But right now, BioPay customers will continue to benefit from BioPay's current commitments, including:

Protecting your information consistent with our strict privacy policy.
Protecting you 100% from any fraud or ID theft loss as a result of your use of BioPay, with our
Consumer Protection Policy guarantee.
Delivering consistently high quality customer service

Can I use my finger to pay at Pay By Touch locations today?

Not yet. Consumers enrolled in BioPay can continue to shop at all BioPay locations. However, if you wish to use the Pay By Touch system to pay with your finger, you will need to enroll in that system separately.

What is going to happen to these services in the future?

With the acquisition of BioPay, Pay By Touch has an advanced team of leading biometric software engineers dedicated to creating one seamless international network for biometric payments.

This means that consumers will be able to enroll once and then shop at any retailer in the entire network. Additionally, the Pay By Touch system offers consumers the ability to place multiple payment methods (including credit and debit cards) in their Pay By Touch Wallets. When the integration is complete, today's BioPay members will be able to pay with their finger at a wider network of retailers

What is the impact to BioPay's payroll check cashing service?

Paycheck Secure, our biometric authentication solution for retailers who cash third-party checks, will continue to be offered by Pay By Touch. Consumers enrolled in the system will continue to be able to easily and quickly cash paychecks or government checks at retailers offering Paycheck Secure, now powered by Pay By Touch. For more information about this product, visit

Where can I get more information?

Visit the
Pay By Touch website and read the press release announcing the completion of the acquisition.

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