Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cash Wise now "Biometrics" Wise

Cash Wise Foods and Hornbacher’s Foods stores in Fargo and Moorhead are implementing Pay By Touch. “We see it as a wonderful advantage for customers,” said Cash Wise spokeswoman Sue Mackert. “It’s easy, convenient and secure.” Growing concerns about identity theft prompted the Coborn’s chain to look into biometrics as a way to protect customers, Mackert said. Coborn’s owns Cash Wise. Supervalu owns Hornbacher's. Customer information is encrypted and stored at secure IBM data centers. No one will have access to the information, Mackert said.

Dean Hornbacher thinks Pay By Touch is the most secure method of payment for customers. He’s already signed up for the service.

Pay By Touch will be available within the next year at all Cash Wise and Coborn’s locations, including Bismarck and Park Rapids, Minn., Mackert said.

Pay By Touch

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