Sunday, February 05, 2006

Quizno's Testing PBT

The retail market has caught on quickly to biometrics so far this year.

Biometric payment services and test programs are underway at Albertson's, SUPERVALU, Piggly Wiggly, Lowes Foods and Quiznos, with check cashing implementations in retailers Bi-Lo, Marsh Supermarkets, Raley’s, and with Pay By Touch-managed opt-in shopper rewards programs at retailers such as Food Lyon, Sally’s Beauty, United Parcel Service, and Winn Dixie. IBM Corp. hosts Pay By Touch's customer database.

Pay By Touch also is working on a service where by retailers can offer discounts based on the products consumers purchase most. The platform identifies the products the customer buys most. Frequent-buyer loyalty coupons are deposited automatically in the consumer's Pay By Touch account and are redeemed at the time of purchase. The company holds 31 U.S.-issued patents for biometric transactions, including age verification, loyalty cards and check-cashing, with more than 70 patents pending.

Pay By Touch

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