Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Closer Look at PBT Online

Now, your customers can log onto an Internet Retailer's website and make online purchases with the utmost ease and convenience — by using a new identification and payment method that can't be hacked or stolen.

Pay By Touch Online allows your online customers to identify themselves and pay with just the touch of a finger. It's quick. It's simple to use. And most important of all, it's safe.

With Pay By Touch Online, there are no user IDs or passwords for your customers to remember. And they don't have to enter sensitive financial or personal information on the public internet whenever they make a purchase.

As simple as a single touch

By simply sliding a finger on a biometric scanner on a computer, customers can securely access your website without the hassle of entering their ID and password. Once they're logged in, they can connect to their Pay By Touch wallet, which contains payment account information such as credit cards, signature debit cards, loyalty cards, and eCheck (Pay By Touch's ACH product), as well as shipping information and loyalty account details. This combination of convenience and security improves customer satisfaction — giving your online business a competitive advantage. Pay By Touch's U.S. patented biometric technology is the foundation for three services specific to online authentication and transaction processing:

Pay By Touch Online's Express Sign-in allows your customers to quickly and easily log onto your website with just the touch of their finger. With a simple swipe on the scanner on his or her computer, your customer is positively identified and signed in - without the hassle and frustration of remembering user IDs or passwords.

In addition, access to your site is more secure, because your customer's login information is no longer transmitted from the customer's computer, eliminating the risk for theft by crimeware.

With Pay By Touch Online, you can provide a more convenient and more secure site access for your customers. It all adds up to an improved customer experience at your website — and a greater likelihood of completed transactions.

If you have a banking, financial services, or healthcare website, Pay By Touch Online shows your customers that you're committed to the tightest online security. To gain access to their financial data on your site, they'll need to provide a scan of their finger in addition to their user ID and password.

Integrating biometric identification to your existing site security also enables you to meet the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines for multi-factor authentication.

Pay By Touch Online provides three factors of authentication:

"Something the user has" - which is the uniquely identifiable scanner, "something the user knows" - their password, and "something the user is" - the scan of their finger. Offering more secure access also provides your customers peace of mind, since their user IDs and passwords, if stolen, will be insufficient for accessing their financial data on your site. They won't have to answer any frustrating challenge/response questions to establish their identity. And they won't have to carry scratch cards or password tokens, either.

If you have an eCommerce website, Pay By Touch Online eliminates bottlenecks at the end of transactions, which frequently cause customers to abandon their shopping carts. With Express Checkout, they simply supply a single finger scan, choose their payment method, and they're done.

Pay By Touch Online stores all shipping and financial account information in the customer's secure, encrypted Pay By Touch wallet, so customers don't have to retype their personal and payment information every time they make a purchase. They don't have to worry about this sensitive information being stored on multiple websites, either. And since you determine the order in which payment methods appear on the computer screen, you can drive customers to the ones that cost you less, such as ACH (called eCheck).

How one-touch purchasing works:

1. When they're ready to checkout, your customer slides a finger on their reader which is attached to his or her computer.

2. A match is made in Pay By Touch's secure IBM database, and financial accounts are presented to the shopper in the order you designate. Age can be verified if restricted goods are being purchased.

3. The customer selects a payment method, approves the purchase and the transaction is routed through your normal processing system. Membership or loyalty points are automatically recognized. (note: all ACH transactions are processed by Pay By Touch.)

eCheck: quick, easy ACH transactions for the internet.

Pay By Touch eCheck (ACH) lets your customers pay for their purchases online by using the funds in their checking account, which they access with just the touch of their finger. It's convenient, since there's no need for them to reenter their checking account information. It's more secure because the uniqueness of the biometric protects their checking account information. And since each ACH transaction costs you less than credit or signature debit, it saves you money, too.

Pay By Touch. The new world currency.

The Pay By Touch biometric payment system is already being used by thousands of "brick and mortar" retail merchants nationwide. Now, we're making it available for your online business, to give you the benefits of greater convenience, speed -- and security.

Take a look at the Pay by T0uch Online Brochure

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