Friday, February 24, 2006

Video - Tech Closeup on Pay by Touch

Tech Closeup with John Rogers of Pay by Touch

Get in touch with the latest in fingerprint scanning technology and see how one company called Pay by Touch is using biometrics to capture the hearts and minds of supermarket shoppers throughout the South and Midwest.

Click Here to go to the site and see the QuickTime Video:

About Tech Closeup

This new half hour television program is designed to cover the high technology industry on a monthly basis. It will capture the true spirit of Silicon Valley, encompassing the drive, dedication, and visionary thinking of the men and women who work for firms of all sizes and technologies.

Each show will focus on:

The Process of Innovation - How today's high-tech firms are devoting major resources, time and energy to create new products that will change our lives tomorrow.

A Unique Climate For Success - How the rapid pace of technological innovation has required a new level of thinking in management practices and workplace culture.

The Role of the Community - How the Bay Area's educational institutions, public service agencies, local municipal governments and the media play significant roles in the growth and direction of the high tech industry.

Pay By Touch

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