Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pay By Touch Healthcare for Health Plans

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Healthplans Pay By Touch Heathcare Solutions allows insurers to significantly reduce the costs of patient identification and authentication management.

Pay By Touch Healthcare Solutions can also significantly reduce claims processing requirements and help your provider network improve collections from your members of the member share of payments. And by establishing direct links from providers to you, switch costs from clearinghouses and other intermediaries can be greatly reduced.

For payers, Pay By Touch Healthcare Solutions can help reduce or eliminate fraud from fraudulent uses of your health cards, and enable direct streamlined payments from the payers HSA/FSA/HRA accounts. Pay By Touch Healthcare Solutions also provide a payment protocol that presents your plans' payment preferences for consumer payments.

In addition, Pay By Touch Healthcare Solutions enables electronic health record management, disease and wellness management programs, participation in RHIO's, Medicare Part D Management and a host of other programs dependent on accurate and secure identification of the individual patient.

Pay By Touch

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