Saturday, October 13, 2007

I've activated a secondary, more easily remembered and easier to type URL for the Pay By Touch Blog.

The new blog's URL website address is simply:

I will continue posting to this site because it carries the archives and I don't want to copy each post one by one, but the new site will carry this feed through FeedBurner which was recently acquired by Google, which also owns Blogger. Thus, you'll be able to access links to the posts as far back as two months.

Clicking the links will still bring you to this site. Either way, both sites will continue to bring you the latest news on Pay By Touch. However, only this site will enable access to every single post in the archives.

On another note, for easier access, the Pay By Touch Blog can now be subscribed to with any of the web based readers listed below.

Simply click the icon, for example,
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