Monday, June 26, 2006

I4U News Thinks PBT is Awesome!

I4U News - Floridians Can Now Pay With Their Finger

Floridians Can Now Pay With Their Finger

A Tampa, Florida store has successfully installed what's being dubbed the first retail biometric payment system in the state. Coast To Coast, a local convenience store, is now allowing customers to pay via debit/checking accounts by simply scanning their fingerprint -- no PIN number, no signature, just your fingerprint.

The technology behind it comes from the relatively new company Pay By Touch, which also has retail clients in Virginia, Illinois, and North & South Carolina, hopes to gain customer acceptance by installing finger scanning payment options at places like grocery stores and gas stations.

There's a short process for customers to get their fingerprint data registered with the store, and right now it does not work for credit card transactions. Retailers are especially fond of the new format because it negates them from having to pay the regular 2-3% fee for paper check processing.I know some people get really schizophrenic about this kind of thing, but I think it's awesome. To just be able to leave my debit card at home (or to not even have a debit card) would be so ideal. I'd never have to worry about leaving my card at home and having to cancel a purchase.Full story. Via The Inquirer.

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