Thursday, November 01, 2007

Shell Oil: Pay By Touch Mythbusters

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Myth: Fingerprints can be easily manipulated and my identity stolen

Fact: Because fingerprints are unique to each individual, biometrics are more secure than other authenticators such as PINs or even photos.

Myth: Just like writing a check or using a credit/debit card, my account information can be seen by others

Fact: As many as eight people view the information you put on a check as it’s routed for cashing. And if you write your driver’s license number on a check, it is even easier for a thief to steal your identity. Using Pay By Touch at Shell is more secure than writing a check because no one can see your account information. Plus, nothing to carry means nothing can get lost or stolen.

Myth: My fingerprint will likely be stored in a massive database giving me no real privacy|

Fact: The Pay By Touch database is secure. All information is encrypted and stored in secure data centers, offsite from the retailers who accept Pay By Touch. Fingerprint information is also encrypted and stored in a completely separate database from information such as your name, address and financial account details. Your information is never shared with anyone.

Myth: This technology is too new and likely to fail. I should wait a few years until it has been proven successful

Fact: Pay By Touch technology has been successfully used since 2000 by more than 4 million people at more than 2,600 retail locations in 44 states and in the U.K. and Singapore. Locally, Pay By Touch is successfully being used by many Chicagoland shoppers at Jewel and Cub grocery stores everyday. Shell is excited to be the first gasoline retailer to bring Pay By Touch to consumers and has conducted extensive testing to ensure a fast, easy and secure payment method that customers are going to love using.

Myth: The sign-up process is cumbersome

Fact: It’s easy to sign up. Consumers can enroll through the Shell Pay By Touch Web site ( or at participating Chicagoland Shell and Jewel locations. All you need is your preferred payment method (eCheck, Shell Card or Shell MasterCard), and your finger! Once signed up, members can pay with the touch of a finger at any participating retailer, whether gasoline or groceries.

Myth: This must financially benefit Shell somehow

Fact: This is another example of how Shell is helping its retailers and wholesalers reduce their operating costs while also benefiting our customers with greater speed, security and convenience at the pump. For Shell-branded operators and all other retailers, this payment method reduces the merchant service fees that they must pay for credit transactions.

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