Tuesday, September 05, 2006

PBT to Provide Check Cashing to 78 Lowe's

Lowe's Pay and Save, Inc. and Pay By Touch today announced the introduction of biometric check-cashing to 78 stores in the panhandle of Texas and into New Mexico. Paycheck Secure, powered by biometrics leader Pay By Touch, uses finger-scanning technology to enable customers to quickly and securely cash government or payroll checks.

Paycheck Secure benefits both customers and retailers. The new system reduces fraud and enables retailers to keep check cashing fees reasonably priced for consumers.

"Paycheck Secure provides my customers a new level of convenience and discretion," says Roger Lowe, Jr., CEO of Lowe's Pay and Save, Inc. "I can provide better customer service by knowing my shoppers without having to hassle them for their ID. Paycheck Secure creates a sense of trust and privacy which makes customers want to come to my store more often."

Customers can sign up for Paycheck Secure in minutes at Lowe's Pay and Save, Inc. grocery stores. Customers simply provide a photo ID, two finger scans, and a digital photo which is taken right in the store. No bank account information is necessary. Once enrolled, no ID is required, and customers can quickly and securely cash payroll checks with a quick and simple finger scan.
"Pay By Touch is helping retailers like Lowe's Pay and Save, Inc. significantly reduce fraud while providing better customer service," said John Rogers, founder, chairman, and CEO of Pay By Touch. "Customers need and deserve a service like this."

More than $8 billion in checks have been cashed nationally using Paycheck Secure. In January, Pay By Touch acquired BioPay, the developer of the biometric check cashing system. To date, more than 2.9 million consumers are using the system to pay and cash checks -- primarily in retail locations.

For additional information about the Paycheck Secure product, visit.
www.paychecksecure.com .

About Lowe's Pay and Save

Lowe's Pay and Save, Inc. is a family owned retail grocery store chain that was established in 1964. Today, the company has approximately 3300 teammates in 81 stores located throughout West Texas, New Mexico and one store in Arizona.

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