Wednesday, July 12, 2006

PBT Makes PASS with Microsoft

Partners Will Promote the Delivery of Payments as a Secure Service (PASS) to Small Businesses Through Microsoft Windows Vista. PASS is a consortium of leading financial institutions and payment service providers. including BankServ, Pay By Touch, PayPal, Chase Paymentech and CIT Group.

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The consortium promotes the delivery of a wide range of innovative financial management solutions to small businesses through Microsoft Windows Vista, with technology enabled by IP Commerce.

With PASS, Every Business is a Merchant. The goal of PASS is to allow businesses using Microsoft Windows Vista to make and receive payments over the Internet, creating new revenue models and payment abilities that can turn every business into a merchant.

Today, only 25% of small businesses have the ability to easily process electronic payments.

PASS represents a vision to payment-enable the other 75%, and extend to all small businesses an entirely new level of financial management capabilities including the ability to receive payments, pay invoices, obtain financial services securely, and better manage cash flow. PASS, together with Microsoft VISTA, provides the following benefits:

Clear access to data and reporting
Confidence to transact securely
Connections between small businesses and their financial management service providers

Why Windows Vista?

Windows Vista is a game changer, more so than any prior Windows version. The following technological advances available in Vista represent real business opportunities through PASS.


Increase security and reduce liability with Windows Vista and PASS. Windows Vista's robust user and machine level security enhancements help Merchants easily, confidently and cost-effectively embrace security best practices. User Access Control provides control over access to specific applications and functionality, giving you and your customers confidence that financial actions and data are available only to the right entities. Your customers will also rest assured knowing that the new BitLocker technology securely encrypts their financial information. The Secure Payments SDK for Windows Vista makes it easier for ISVs to consume and leverage these capabilities and provides a level of security unavailable prior to Windows Vista.

Small Business/Merchant - Why PASS?

Control Cash Flow

Cash flow is the most critical aspect of a small business. Without the right balance of money coming in to money going out, businesses fail. Through PASS and Windows Vista, small businesses can drastically simplify their financial management and take control of their cash flow. Payment services can be directly integrated into your accounting application, you can easily offer your customers more ways to pay, and you can ensure that all of your financial activities are happening in a secure environment.

Enhanced Financial Management Options

PASS Members represent a broad range of financial management services to suit all of a small businesses needs. The following best-in-class providers all offer unique solutions that run securely on a Windows Vista computer.

Chase Paymentech's world class services are available from a virtual terminal right on the Vista desktop, allowing Accounts Receivable personnel to accept and process credit cards over the phone or in person.

PayPal's electronic invoicing and secure payment services are available within the PASS offering, along with recurring payments, pre-authorization and batch processing. In a Business-to-Business scenario, this means that settlement can be performed after a product is shipped.

Using CIT Group's PASS solution, businesses can finance their upgrades to Windows Vista and Office 2007. They can also perform cash management activities, such as factor invoices (AR), finance purchases (AP), and even access micro loans for working capital, all from within Windows Vista.

Pay By Touch combines a leading edge, security-focused payment method (biometrics) with more traditional forms of payment, to provide a wide range of payment options for Small Office/Home Office, Small-to-Medium size Business and Enterprise level merchants. Pay By Touch enables businesses to move from more expensive forms of payment (credit cards) to less expensive forms of payment (such as ACH check processing, eCheck, and PIN Debit).

BankServ’s DepositNow service allows merchants to scan paper checks and deposit them remotely, reducing risk and improving Accounts Receivable performance.

Every day, thousands of businesses will use ICC Net services offered through PASS to manage mission critical business documents within familiar software applications. This will facilitate the movement of billions of dollars of goods and services, all using the security and rich user experience capabilities of Windows Vista

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