Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Discover Cards Accepted at Pulse ATM's

Discover Financial Goes Live On PULSE Network

RIVERWOODS, Ill. (04/12/06) - Discover Financial Services, which acquired PULSE EFT last year, said Tuesday that all PULSE ATMs will now accept Discover cards. That means Discover cards are now accepted at more than 350,000 ATMs and cash access locations. Discover Financial, a unit of Morgan Stanley, acquired the PULSE Network, which provides services for 2,100 credit unions and banks, in January 2005.
Discover Cards issued by Discover Bank are now accepted at approximately 350,000 ATMs and cash access locations, enabling Cardmembers to access cash virtually anytime and anywhere.

This could be a very important development for Pay by Touch, with whom Discover is a strategic partner.

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